Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Venetian Snares

I went to see Venetian Snares on Monday. It was the fourth time I've seen him I think and like last time, a year or so ago, I was left a bit confused. It's pretty cool to hear Snares mix his own stuff together, but it just ends up feeling like he's throwing the kitchen sink at you. The bits of stuff I recognised were sometimes mixed well, sometimes quite badly. The whole thing went on a bit too long and ended rather indulgently with Snares packing up his bag whilst making some feedback with his fancy CD dex. I tried to get a friend who likes punk to come, I thought she might get inspired by the the breakcore, but actually I'm glad she lunched it - if you weren't already a fan, an hour and a half of a big mixed mess probably wouldn't convert you. I'm glad I went but it could have been loads better.

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