Monday, 29 March 1999

AA Rotterdam


The location was in the harbours of Rotterdam. It looked like an abandoned factory, with trash all over the floor, and the roof was leaking, but it breathed just the right atmosphere for the parties we want to throw. We didn't squat the building because it just was too fucked up, and we couldn't block all entrances. Glad that cops didn't show up, well they did once, but by surprise they were only interested in the building next to ours. Later it occurred that some moron (a fool from Nijmegen) had broken in... I mean, you have to be a fucking airhead AND asshole when you don't understand that this can cause us trouble. Cybx 010 wanted to throw a party in the same building as well this weekend, but of course, cops prevented this, simply because of this silly burglary.

Back to the party. We had a 3.5 kw soundsystem, with massive bassbins. It sounded like the roof was going up and down. Dj's spinning Chris, Dave, Ratski, Querin, Sed, and Sjors. We also had a 2.5 hour (!!) liveset by Groove Wreckaz. It was original, and hard, up to 200 bpm. The plan was to do a 1 hour set only, but since no DJ showed up, they where forced to go on, and on, and on .. Last but not least we had a videoprojection taken care by Cedi of Cybx 010. All this together, and the fact that the atmosphere was perfect, made this once again, a cool party. We stopped about 19:00 and at that time 40 people where still present nicely sitting around a campfire (inside the building), we kind of felt sad to stop the music, and felt like we could go on for another day. But maybe, our next party will be a 48 hour party. We want to keep a healthy network, so again, no flyers, which hopefully causes to get rid of those morons who started trashing at the infamous Voorburg-party, by AA, K9 and Plexat.

Check your heads, don't let tekno get spoiled... For some pictures and movies, check out


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