Monday, 29 March 1999

NYE 1998/1999

Stratford NYE ^^^^^party * report * NYE * 1999 ^^^^

 Pissed up to the gills, the tekno revellers came into Stratford (East London) in a constant stream of minicabs. We got there about two, had the usual "wot ? you're telling me five quid ?" argument and then we were in. The number of systems varied from twelve to fifteen depending on who you spoke to. I saw ten, but then I couldn't see.

There appeared to be four floors, all equally huge, all containing at least two systems each side of protuding corners. The music was uniformly normal in its London free partyness -- ie crap fast techno, reasonably rough jungle, and acid tekno. No Spiral/Network/French stuff was to be heard unfortunately, although that doesn't mean there wasn't any, but then I very rarely hear any quality music in England nowadays.

The warehouse was huge but didn't have any water, which would've been ok except that ALL THE BARS ran out about nine, so we left at ten, which was a shame coz it would've been nice to stay. This was nowhere near as cool a venue as last year, Tottenham, but then Tottenham was something i'll be telling me grandchildren about ("mum - grandad's gurning again"). The people came and the people partied - the take on the door must have been huge and i hope it fell into the right hands. All in all, a pretty good one, especially judging by the size of the headache I had when I finally got home. With another party in a pub and then a party in an old nightclub last Sat, Stratford's certainly basing a firm claim for tekno central 1999.


We (Mutant Pollutant) did the United Systems party in London, one of the best free parties I've been to in years! It was in an old office block. The building was huge, with 4 levels and around 15 sound systems playing eveything from trance to reggae, there were 4 on the level we were on. There was no trouble from the coppers either, there were quite a few outside but they never tried to get in. We had our loudest system so far and caned it all night resulting in fucking up an amp. shorting out a mid range speaker and setting fire to a bassbin (there's a huge hole in the cone and it's covered in water now!) but it was worth it. We shut down about 1pm and then came the worst part, lugging all our stuff up and down stairs whilst being completly knackered. This was the first United Systems party we'd done and they seem really well organised, everything thought out in advance like separate entrances for sound systems and party goers so no one got in the way of the equipment being carried in, people on the all the doors that were open so they could shut up quick if the coppers tried to get in, we even got a little bit of money off the door and they'd never heard of us before! All in all it was an excellent party but I doubt if we'll being doing loads in London this year, after all we've got to help keep the vibe alive in this area!

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