Thursday, 29 March 2007

rave reports 2004=2006

some bbc reports:

 Police break up illegal city rave BBC News 19 June, 2004 

 Police in Devon broke up an illegal rave on Saturday morning. Officers were called to an empty unit at the Marsh Barton Trading Estate at Exeter where they found about 30 people and a large sound system. Rave barriers extended for Live 8 BBC News 9 June, 2005 Hundreds of people invaded Smeatharpe in 2002. Barriers will be put up for longer on an East Devon airfield amid fears people could decide to hold illegal raves to coincide with Live8. The barriers have been put up by police at Smeatharpe annually since about a thousand people invaded the site three years ago. Police said they have no specific intelligence about plans for a rave at Smeatharpe this summer. The South West is considered to be especially vulnerable to illegal raves.

 Exclusion zone around rave site BBC News 21 June, 2005

 An exclusion zone is being set up around a South West airfield to stop illegal raves. Devon and Cornwall Police have been granted powers under the public order act to arrest anyone organising unauthorised events. The zone covers a five-mile radius around the Smeatharpe aerodrome in east Devon from 23 June to 27 June. Barriers around Smeatharpe have been erected annually since 1,000 people invaded the site three years ago. Insp Norman Amey said the force had invested time and effort in preventing the airfield being used as a site for an illegal rave.

 Rave festival organisers warned BBC News 6 March 2006

Festival promoters have been warned by police they risk prosecution if they organise illegal raves over the summer. The Wiltshire, Avon and Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Dorset police forces are pooling intelligence to target organisers. Officers believe many people will be attracted to the area for the solstice but, as the Glastonbury festival is rested, will look for other events. The public were also being encouraged to report suspicious activity to them. Police said they would liaise with English Heritage and other agencies during the solstice period to ensure the environment around Stonehenge is protected from unlawful activities. Arrests follow weekend-long rave BBC News 30 May 2006 Police have arrested eight people following an illegal rave at a common in north Cornwall. About 2,000 people descended on Davidstow Common, near Camelford, on Saturday night for the event. A police cordon remained in place around the site on Tuesday where about 50 cars were still parked. Eight people were arrested on offences including drink driving and suspected possession of Class A drugs. Four people were taken into police custody. Officers went to the common after receiving reports of a large number of vehicles driving on to it. They said an "extremely well-planned" illegal rave had been set up, including stages containing sound systems. A cordon was placed around the site to stop further vehicles and people from entering. Residents said they were worried about the safety of livestock and property. A 61-year-old Hertfordshire man and a 23-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of organising or managing unlicensed public entertainment.