Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mash Hits : 60 Years of UK no 1 singles Remixed, Bastardized and Reconstructed

Word from Shitmat on a totally nuts project:

Hey Folks! It’s 2012 and since there is a slim chance that the world might be destroyed by a intergalactic David Hasselhoff doppelganger, i have decided to launch MASH HITS!

The idea for ‘MASH HITS’ came one drunken evening, I wondered what it would be like to re-imagine the entire history of chart music through remixing, bastardizing and reconstructing it. An extreme clusterfuck of music i hate and love fighting for prominence whilst Cliff Richard, Coldplay, Gary Glitter and Prince have a freakout jam perhaps?

After i sobered up the idea got formulated into a more cohesive and achievable plan. I would use every UK no 1 single from 1952 until the present day to make a shed load of music.
The UK singles chat is 60 years old on November 14th 2012. Until then I will regularly be uploading new tracks. The rule is to use every UK No 1 single solely; No other samples, synths or sound sources allowed at all. From Al Martino to Lisa Stansfield, The Beatles to Snap, Bucks Fizz to Bob the Builder, There are over 1150 tracks that topped the chart so it’s a huge undertaking but most definitely a fun one (excluding having to deal with westlife and steps).

The first Mash Hit is here

Please check back here daily to check out the music I make and see if i get sued!