Saturday, 11 February 2012

Critical Beats #3

Critical Beats #3: Simon Reynolds's Reader

From 23/02/12 to 23/02/12
Location: London Stratford Circus, United Kingdom
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Simon Reynolds has put together a trio of links for preparatory reading ahead of the 23 February Critical Beats panel at Stratford Circus.
Critical Beats in London/Rave as Militant Modernism
Ahead of the panel discussion next week, Reynolds has published an extract on the hardcore continuum as a form of street modernism, from Partly Political #4, his series of reflections on the debate over the hardcore continuum.

The History of Our World: The Hardcore Continuum Debate (Dancecult, Vol 1, No 2)
For a longer overview on the hardcore continuum, Reynolds points to his article from Dancecult, which looks at the hardcore continuum, its relationship to history and how it’s changed in the internet era.

Running On Empty (The New Statesman, 30 April 2009)
The following is a piece by Mark Fisher (who is no longer able to attend the panel due to illness) on what he terms an energy crisis in music. Fisher asks: "Were rave and its offshoots Jungle and Garage just that – a sudden flash of energy that has since dissipated? More worryingly, is the death of rave only one symptom of an overall energy crisis in culture? Are cultural resources running out in the same way as natural resources are?"

Critical Beats #3: Aesthetics, Innovation and Tradition, features Simon Reynolds, Joe Muggs, Lisa Blanning, plus Steve Goodman (moderator), discussing the aesthetics of current dance scenes. London Stratford Circus, 23 February, 7:30pm, £5/£3.