Party flyers (1995-2001)

Some old flyers from the vaults... I guess they're all from the mid 1990s up to 2000 or so.

Feel free to comment if you have any extra infos...

Picked up at the Stoke Newington Urban Free Festival .. 1993/4? This was the last year that this happened, there was a riot at the end which was used to prevent it happening again.

Picked up at Stoke Newington, as above.

K.D.U. - Kore Drilling Unit, Ketamine Does U

This was the first London squat part I went to, in Farringdon, 1995.

A dirty flyer from a dirty party.

Kinky tekno was the year before Stinky tekno. I think.

DMZ was a short-lived party organised by United Systems at the Soundshaft.

Back of DMZ flyer

Ah the Farside. This was a memorable party in Dalston.

Back of Farside flyer. Great DJ names!

Shtonka was always great. I went to quite a lot at Tyssen Studios in Dalston.

Public Nuisance. Nuff said.

LSD on sale.

This one was just off Holloway Road but it was cancelled. Just two cops sat in a car outside the venue as we "happened to walk by." At least it was very close to where we lived!

The legendary Dead by Dawn.

Hmm... memory fail. Was this the one in Brixton with the acid punch?

Eurobeat was always good.

Didn't go to this. I think a friend studying in Edinburgh did.

Didn't go to this. I still see Undertow stencils around sometimes. Or maybe I did go this and it was the one with the big fire and the acid punch. But that was a library not a school...

This looked cool. I picked it up from the stairs leaving an Unsound party at the building in the centre of the St.Thomas hospital roundabout just south of Westminster Bridge (and the Houses of Parliament). They were great parties, although tragically someone threw themselves off the roof one time. I saw him walking around with no shoes on earlier in the night. I guess he thought he could fly.

Did I go to this?

Did go to that. Another shtonking Shtonka.

Had some good times at Sick n Twisted, which persisted over the years. They used to project best bits of horror films. Fair play to the person who made the compilations!

Wanted to go to this!

News from Crapshoot.


Eurobeat2000 zine. I saw a poster in Soho for a Eurobeat 2000 event in 2011!

This was at 333 in Old Street. What a cracking flyer! Live Evil 11 just happened recently.

Xombie. This was at the Dungeons off Lea Bridge road.


Hellraiser! Good times! Gabba in the main room,dnb in the second (back when that was weird)

NYE 1997? In Tottenham Hale in that massssiiive distribution centre.

Tolworth No-K limits Teknival ... 2001